A little poetry from SILICASUN for National Haiku Day, National Haiku Poetry Day! Today – April 17, 2019 :

Stories page to page,

Silicasun words blossom,

Shimmers guide you on!


Night of the Jaguar

My new eerie short story fiction ‘Night of the Jaguar’ is out and available at Aphelion Magazine of Science Fiction & Fantasy Issue 238, Vol. 23, April 2019 – one of the best long-standing publications in the market. Gratitude and thanks to them for publishing me again, back-to-back.

Link is here :

A Beautiful Day at Long Island’s Local Author Fair


Really wild week for me with back-to-back science fiction short stories published by two of the best sci-fi & fantasy magazines in the market.

Here is ‘Zara’ my flash fiction short story published in Issue 237, Volume 23, March 2019 of Aphelion Webzine of Science Fiction & Fantasy.

Link :

The Oath of Brutus – My Story on Front Cover in Schlock! Webzine

My scifi horror short story ‘The Oath of Brutus’ went online in the Three Hundred and Fifty First Edition of Schlock! Webzine of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Vol 14 Issue 13, in the week of March 3, 2019 edition. Link is here :

And here, if you want to scroll through the archives :

The Oath of Brutus

Super cool to have made it on the front cover this first week of March 2019 in the Three Hundred and Fifty First Edition of Schlock Webzine of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Vol 14 Issue 13 shortstories, with my sci-fi horror short fiction ‘The Oath of Brutus’ which takes you to a dark outer world of nomadic creatures. Link is here :

And here if you want to scroll through the archives :

A Lover’s Lament – Poem

My poem ‘A Lover’s Lament’ was published under Art & Letters on February 9, 2019 in Madras Courier, which started as an historical broadsheet in 1785 under Madras Presidency in British India. Two centuries later it’s legacy is revived again.

Link is here :

The Devil’s Betelnut Box – Excerpt / Teaser

The Excerpt / Teaser of my forthcoming short story ‘The Devil’s Betelnut Box’ went online in Issue 9 December 2018 of Prehistoric Magazine, complete with images of a hidden world.

Book is available by publisher. Link for purchase is here :


My poem ‘visitations’ went online two weeks ago in January 2019 Issue of Small Orange Journal. The poetry in this magazine reflects the artwork and vice versa, carefully picked by the editors to match up. Link is here :

Better Latte Than Late

Oodles of humor and satire combine to produce this “very original and entertaining story” of three women, in the words of Founder ‘Barista’ Editor of The Fictional Cafe describing my short story ‘Better Latte Than Late’ – my coffee & friends coffee time read published for the New Year on January 10, 2019.

Link is here :

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