Love In The Time Of The Far End Of Falling

My tongue-in-cheek ironical #humor tall tale ‘Love In The Time Of The Far End Of Falling’ hits the web in #arts #culture and #literary New Reader Magazine Vol 1 Issue 3. Link is here :


Foggy Footfalls


My #CliFi #shortstory ‘Foggy Footfalls’ has just been newly published in ColdNoon Magazine. Excited to see it up. Link is here :

The Isles of Islamorada



I’m published! For poetry again!! Read my poem ‘the isles of islamorada’ in Locust Magazine. Link is here :

A Ribbon Of Smoke

Honored and excited to see my short story ‘A Ribbon Of Smoke,’ set in “long ago and far away” Singapore at the time of the Great Fire of 1961, published in Truman State’s #literary magazine – Green Hills Literary Lantern (GHLL)

Link is here :

A Star Kiss In Tatters

VOTE – It only takes two seconds – 18 X 18 X 18 Word Micro Challenge from Vestal Review – Be Sure to read mine ‘A Star Kiss In Tatters’ –

Link is here :


My poem ‘Sakura’ is published in the beautifully crafted magazine Liquid Imagination. Listen to my reading of my poem.

Link is here :

Tasting Notes & Other Short Stories

My ‘Commended’ short story ‘Written In The Stars’ is newly published in this diverse anthology together with all other prize-winning entries – 13 amazing stories from the Ouen Press Short Story Competition.

Paperback and Kindle copies available on Amazon. Be sure to check out mine.

Link is here :

About the Author – Rekha Valliappan

Hi, I’m Rekha. I have a littered work desk, a touch screen computer, likely to give up on me any day, rows of books on shelves waiting to be read, and no time to write, although I try very hard. I used to also have a little dog. I like to write stories. I like to write essays. I like to write poetry, I like to write articles. Sometimes what I write is funny, other times it is not.

I have won awards for my short fiction in three countries – as a teenager in India, in a nationwide competition in Malaysia, and more recently in the USA. I am shortlisted in the Ouen Press Short Story Competition, and am named in Across The Margin’s Best of Fiction 2017.

My list of published stories include prize-winning ‘The Copper Amulet and The Ginger Cat’ (Boston Accent Lit); ‘Ice Eyes of The Turquoise Passage’ (Across The Margin); ‘Orange Mystique’ (Indiana Voice Journal); ‘The Osmosis of The Poisoned Flower’ (Thrice Fiction Magazine); ‘The Phantom Journey’ (Eastern Iowa Review); ‘The Beast of Montmoor’ (Coffin Bell Journal); ‘Diogenes’ Lamp’ (The Ekphrastic Review); ‘Red Hibiscus’ (Intellectual Refuge); ‘Bombay Blue’ (Scarlet Leaf Review); ‘Danse Macabre’ (Foliate Oak Literary Magazine); ‘Snakes and Ladders’ (Third Flatiron); ‘Palm Leaf Clairvoyance’, ‘The Black Cat’, ‘The Broken Window’, ‘Girl On a Mission’ (Friday Flash Fiction).

My route to writing is through an M.A. in English Literature and Criticism earned from Madras University and then an LL.B. (Hons) Law at the University of London, although I have been writing stories ever since I can remember.

I was born in Bombay, grew up in South India, lived in Malaysia, and now spend my time in New York.

I know how to dance energetically, I know how to act, I know how to sing in different languages, and I know how to play chess because they make me happy. That is also why I write. I like being happy.

I can be found on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Goodreads and LinkedIn


The Beast of Montmoor

Excited to be published in newly released Issue – MONSTERS – Check out my short story ‘The Beast of Montmoor’ in Coffin Bell Journal –

Link is here :

Written In The Stars

My short story ‘Written In The Stars’ has been shortlisted in Ouen Press Short Story Competition 2017 –

Link to the Shortlist is announced here :

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