Dawn Awakening

Fresh off the online press – my flash fiction mystery ‘Dawn Awakening’ on the theme of ‘Dawn’ was published in Mercurial Stories Literary Journal’s Vol 1 Issue 34.

Link is here : https://mercurialstories.com/2018/11/17/volume-1-issue-34-dawn/3/


Author Interview – Theme of Absence

Thank you, Theme of Absence, for the Author Interview published together with my horror short story ‘The Hand.’

Link is here : http://www.themeofabsence.com/2018/10/author-interview-rekha-valliappan/

The Hand

My new horror short story ‘The Hand’ has just been published, in time for Halloween, in one of the finest magazines – Theme of Absence.

Link is here : http://www.themeofabsence.com/2018/10/the-hand-by-rekha-valliappan/

Author Interview – Coffin Bell Journal

Thank you Coffin Bell Journal for interviewing writers who have contributed short stories and poems to your speculative fiction magazine.

My Interview link is here : https://coffinbell.com/interview-with-rekha-valliappan/

A Fistful of Indigo

My storytelling flash fiction on a recurring theme ‘A Fistful of Indigo’ goes live online in Southern California San Joachin Valley’s literary Journal Rabid Oak – Issue 7. Link is here :

A Fistful of Indigo

Love In The Time Of The Far End Of Falling

My tongue-in-cheek ironical #humor tall tale ‘Love In The Time Of The Far End Of Falling’ hits the web in #arts #culture and #literary New Reader Magazine Vol 1 Issue 3. Link is here : https://www.newreadermagazine.com/download

Foggy Footfalls


My #CliFi #shortstory ‘Foggy Footfalls’ has just been newly published in ColdNoon Magazine. Excited to see it up. Link is here : https://coldnoon.com/magazine/dialogues/fiction/foggy-footfalls/

The Isles of Islamorada



I’m published! For poetry again!! Read my poem ‘the isles of islamorada’ in Locust Magazine. Link is here :


A Ribbon Of Smoke

Honored and excited to see my short story ‘A Ribbon Of Smoke,’ set in “long ago and far away” Singapore at the time of the Great Fire of 1961, published in Truman State’s #literary magazine – Green Hills Literary Lantern (GHLL)

Link is here : http://ghll.truman.edu/ghll29/Valliappan%20A%20Thin%20Ribbon%20of%20Smoke.html

A Star Kiss In Tatters

VOTE – It only takes two seconds – 18 X 18 X 18 Word Micro Challenge from Vestal Review – Be Sure to read mine ‘A Star Kiss In Tatters’ –

Link is here : http://www.vestalreview.org/18x18x18/

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