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Renartis Rising

My horror short story RENARTIS RISING just published August 2020 in one of the popular science fiction and fantasy magazines available today Teleport Magazine. Link is here :

Renartis Rising

Temple of Ochre

My creative nonfiction TEMPLE OF OCHRE recently published in Critical Read Art is Essential Vol 6 in July 2020. This is a journal that delves into artworks and how art may play out in our lives. I chose a lovely painting, the work of a contemporary painter. It’s a must-read for its nuances. Link is here :

Art Is Essential vol. 6


Battle of Flowers

My creative nonfiction BATTLE OF FLOWERS newly published in one of the leading literary magazines in America today – Wilderness House Literary Review 58th Issue (Volume 15, No. 2), this July 2020. Link is here :

Click to access RekhaValliappan.pdf

Locked in Monochrome

My prose-poem LOCKED IN MONOCHROME published in The London Reader’s Summer Issue June 2020 featuring stories and poems of the on-going COVID-19 pandemic. Link is here :

Our Time in Quarantine

The Man With No Face (Print on Amazon)

My short story THE MAN WITH NO FACE has been re-published in print available on Amazon in this collection of short stories from KAIROS Literary Review. Link is here :


My micro-mini story ‘Bandana’ published in Friday Flash Fiction in May 2020. Link is here :

A Pilgrim’s Push

My today’s view – JUST OUT! Feels like the brightest of spark moments for me in time for Mother’s Day! And in none other than a publication whose rich history and past is legend. claiming their existence for almost 2 centuries since 1867 (according to Wiki) having published a star line-up of big-name A-List authors through their long history, I feel overwhelmingly humbled and honored and filled with gratitude that some dreams do come true.

Here’s my short story ‘A Pilgrim’s Push’ published today May 8, 2020, in The Saturday Evening Post in category Contemporary Fiction / Fiction. Link is here :

Remembrance; Ghosting; We Travel Between (3 Poems)

Three of my poems ‘Remembrance’, ‘Ghosting’, and ‘We Travel Between’ were published in Winter 2020 Issue 23 of Ann Arbor Review. I have been published by this literary journal in the past. Thanks to Prof. Poet Fred Wolven and the Editorial Team. Link is here :

in a flung festoon – poem

My poem ‘in a flung festoon’ was published LIVE today March 2020 in Issue Five (Page 52) of The Wellington Street Review! Link is here :

Click to access issue-five.pdf

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