The Osmosis Of The Poisoned Flower

Published! My short story ‘The Osmosis Of The Poisoned Flower’ a dark fantasy, gothic, surreal, plant-based, futurism tale. Thank you Thrice Fiction Magazine for the honor and for pairing my piece with outstanding artwork by an Adjunct Faculty from the Art Institute of Chicago.

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Insights From Fashion Editor and Writer Juliette Donatelli

My Interview with Juliette Donatelli on October 1 2013 – courtesy of Wishwas

Link is here :

CEO and Founder Bob Bland of Manufacture New York Speaks with Me

My Interview with Bob Bland on October 1 2013 – courtesy of Wishwas

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Tete-a-Tete with The First Lady of South Asian Culinary Arts – Varli

My Tete-a-Tete with Varli Singh on May 31 2013 – courtesy of Wishwas

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Coffee Conversation with Aparna Khanolkar

My Interview with Aparna Khanolkar on April 25 2013 – courtesy of Wishwas

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Best of Fiction – ATM 2017 – ‘Ice Eyes Of The Turquoise Passage’

My short story ‘Ice Eyes Of The Turquoise Passage’ made it to the BEST OF FICTION in Across The Margin’s newly released List for 2017.

Link is here :

The Black Cat; The Broken Window; Girl On A Mission


3 of my Classic 100-Word Flash Fiction stories featured in the Christmas contest collection of Friday Flash Fiction for December 2017.

1. Links to ‘The Black Cat’ is here :

2. Links to ‘The Broken Window’ is here :

3. Links to ‘Girl On A Mission’ is here :

Danse Macabre

My #absurdist #darkhumor #satire #flashfiction ‘Danse Macabre’ is published by Foliate Oak Literary Magazine in their December Issue under #hybrid #writing Links are here :

The Phantom Journey

Honored to have my gothic dark fiction short story ‘The Phantom Journey’ published in this fine journal Eastern Iowa Review Links are below :—rekha-valliappan.html

Red Hibiscus



Follow my MC from New York around the world to Kerala in this horror tale published in Intellectual Refuge. Link is here :

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