Thank You and Happy New Year 2023!

When a new year begins a new day dawns. It steers one to advancement, through the momentary flickers – darkness and light, which is life’s journey – pursuing the best that lies ahead, thankful to those who made the present possible and happen, remembering to smile, to look back in contentment and happiness, “grateful to the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.” (Marcel Proust) We’re turning another year – a full year of reading and writing.

Welcome 2023! Thank you 2022! Among the many books and materials I covered, some because I chose to, others at random, I shall never forget the wonderment of discovery, the range of extraordinary literary and genre magazines and journals who gave me the opportunity for giving my writing a home, for publishing a variety of my work – short stories, poetry, creative nonfiction – in different sub-genres. Thank You :

JMWW Literary Journal

StepAway Magazine ‘Imaginarium’ Fantasy Issue

The Museum of Americana: A Literary Review

Penumbric Speculative Fiction Magazine

Eclectica Magazine

Nordic Press ‘Murder! Mystery! Mayhem’ Anthology’

ExPat Literary Journal

treadmill of time – Poem

Here’s my new poem ‘treamill of time’ published earlier this month November 2022 in the extraordinary JMWW Literary Journal. To read follow this link :

The Girl in The Glade

Here’s a new fantasy adventure about two sisters, a wishing well with secrets, and stones, including gem stones as their lives unravel in my new short story magical mystery THE GIRL IN THE GLADE if you follow the IMAGINARIUM Issue just off the shelves this September 2022 of the Stepaway Magazine. For links go here :

A Soursop for Christina Rossetti – Poem

My parody poem A SOURSOP FOR CHRISTINA ROSSETTI chasing after ‘A Kumquat for John Keats’ published in July 2022 for the summer of exotic fruits in the Eclectica Magazine. Links to read go here :

The Sea is Also a Garden

My creative nonfiction THE SEA IS ALSO A GARDEN was published in Issue 27 of The Museum of Americana this July 2022. The editors/publishers scheduled a reading launch on July 14th zoomed Live via FaceBook to worldwide audiences where contributors participated. To read link is here :

Moroccan Murder Mystery

The crime read of the summer, my mystery & suspense short story MOROCCAN MURDER MYSTERY is out and available this June 2022 in the Murder! Mystery! Mayhem Anthology from Nordic Press. Link is here :

Mystery Suspense

My new mystery short story coming soon. Change of publisher. Here’s the new graphic from Nordic Press.

The Mirror Effect

It’s the turn for some magical realism weird dark fiction. So here’s mine THE MIRROR EFFECT a short story newly out and available thanks to the February 2022 vol v Issue 5 of Penumbric Speculative Fiction Magazine. Link is here :

Thank You and Happy New Year 2022

As we are welcoming in a new year 2022 which is an unfolding one and hope it will be kinder to the majority of us in faraway places I’d like to express my heartfelt gratitude and sincere thanks to the many publishers of my writing, their praise-worthy comments, literary and genre magazines and anthologies that published my work, readers and followers of the ever inclusive writing community who have kept writers and poets like me afloat with their warmth and passion and love of creativity, despite a pandemic raging worldwide, the effects of which have been nothing short of significant.

Thank you so very much for SILICASUN for the opportunity I was given to showcase my prose and poetry in various forms and different ways! In particular thanks in 2021 to :

Litro Magazine USA

Disquiet Arts Literary Magazine

The Minison Project

Utopia Science Fiction Magazine

Adelaide Literary Magazine

The Chamber Magazine

The Prime Number Magazine / Press 53

Cerasus Magazine

Nixes Mate Review

Melbourne Culture Corner

Apocalypse Confidential

New World Writing


Nixes Mate Review Poetry Anthology

LI Bards Annual Poetry Anthology 2021

ExPat Press Literary Journal


Yoked to Time

Probably my last story to be published this year, hence exciting! Here’s my surreal ‘Yoked to Time’ which saw the light of day this past weekend December 2021 in ExPat Press Literary Journal. Their Twitter page carried this blurb of my writing :

“You can die on a hot streak, you can leave a personal touch, fingerprints on the barrel, sucking fingertips crimson, salival mnemonics for posterity, never forget. The only covid-mentioning (themed?) piece we’ve accepted this year by @silicasun is a strange one, dizzy with feels.”

Link is here :

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