Better Latte Than Late

Oodles of humor and satire combine to produce this “very original and entertaining story” of three women, in the words of Founder ‘Barista’ Editor of The Fictional Cafe describing my short story ‘Better Latte Than Late’ – my coffee & friends coffee time read published for the New Year on January 10, 2019.

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An Interview with Rekha Valliappan by Coffin Bell Journal

I was interviewed by Coffin Bell Journal in their Author Interviews Feature with other contributors (poets and short story writers) to their speculative literary journal. (April, 2018)

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Thank You and Happy New Year 2019


Ring out the old! Ring in the new! And as we begin another new year in the hope and certainty that it will turn out to be just as good if not better than the year that has past, we remember the good times.

Happy New Year 2019 to All on SILICASUN! May 2019 be your year! May you sparkle and shine! May all of your remembrances be just as fruitful and bright! May you be blessed with all the creativity you can muster to be off to a great start in the new year!!

And for me – I am truly grateful most of all to all of the awesome litmags and amazing editors who published my writing, short stories, poems, drabbles in the past year 2018. And for the wonderful Pushcart Prize nomination I received, the interviews, the shoutouts. And to all my readers, followers, supporters of my ‘writer-ly journey.’ You believed in my work.  And most humbling of all to my fellow writers in the writing community, the most enthusiastic band of authors, novelists, short story writers, poets, creative nonfiction essayists, flash fiction technicians, publishers, aspiring writers in the writing industry. I am truly honored by your attention and good wishes of my work.

To :

Locust Magazine

Lackington’s Magazine

Rabid Oak Literary Journal

Green Hills Literary Lantern (GHLL)

Thrice Fiction Magazine

Mercurial Stories

Queen Mob’s Teahouse

Five : 2 : One Literary Journal of Art and Culture

The Punch Magazine

Friday Flash Fiction

Vestal Review

Coffin Bell Journal

Theme of Absence

Liquid Imagination

ColdNoon International Literary Journal of Travel Writing and Culture

New Reader Magazine

Ouen Press

A Big Thank You!!


Margarita Moon – A Fabled Cocktail

Of magic and myth, moon and pearls, melting in the oceans – my fairy tale short story ‘Margarita Moon – A Fabled Cocktail’ is now live online in a wonderful venue of good writing The Punch Magazine!

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Storming The Seawall

My micro flash fiction ‘Storming The Seawall’ was published in December 2018 by Friday Flash Fiction.

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Born to Sleigh

And here’s another in time for the holiday spirit festive season of holiday cheer, my micro fiction drabble ‘Born to Sleigh’ published in Friday Flash Fiction Magazine 100-word stories (December 14, 2018).

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In time for Christmas, my magic of the holidays short fiction ‘Kismet’ is live online in none other than sparkling with satire and wit MagLit Queen Mob’s Teahouse!

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The Piscatorial Pursuits of Mr. Cooty

My humor short story piece ‘The Piscatorial Pursuits of Mr. Cooty’ was published in #thesideshow of rad FIVE : 2 : ONE Magazine, online.

Link is here :

Pushcart Prize Nominee 2018

My poem ‘Sakura’ published in May 2018 was nominated for the Pushcart Prize 2018 by Liquid Imagination, thanks to Prof. Dr. John Manonne, Poetry Editor for the nomination.

Collar for Captain Cormorant

My fantasy short story ‘Collar for Captain Cormorant’ was recently published in newly launched #magic and #myth Lackington’s Magazine ‘Magics’ Issue, now available for purchase in ePub, mobi and PDF formats, with exquisite cover and interior artworks.

Link is here :

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